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"In my experience I believe that there are very few instances in a person’s life when they are truly and completely themselves. Moments like when you sneeze, when you come, when you are instantly terrified, when you are devastated with sorrow or shock and when you are completely and profoundly happy. " -excerpt from GENUIS


a compelling, funny and touching compilation of true stories of men and their members


a one-man show written and performed by Sean Bowie


an object based improvised adventure.  Created and performed by Mary Rose and Nathaniel Holder

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Too Late!

a multi-disciplinary non-linear show that uses scene work, movement, monologue, storytelling, improv, song and a smattering of ritual to share distilled juicy bits of the human condition as related to regret, loss and healing.


a one-man show written and performed by Sean Bowie

"So with the nurse gone, my mother busy, there is no one but me on my first hour back home to help him.  A moment of panic and the bottle is found, another moment of panic as his sheet is drawn back.  I pull back his now seemingly huge and baggy underwear and position the bottle and take hold of...  I take hold of...




I am holding my father’s penis.

-excerpt from COCKTALES

"When the actors are joined in the improvisation by the sound and lighting and all four elements work to create something new right on the spot, it's exciting..."-Meg Gurrell of Edge Media about Free Box

"It was different from anything I'd seen before and expanded my idea of what could be done with improv." -Krista Garver of Broadway World about Free Box

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